Wellring Technology Co., Ltd. Foundation Date : 2002.1.7

Wellring Technology is the sophisticated company concentrating on professional and technical services, and provides customized and commercialized products with competitive prices. Our professional technology consists of automatic test equipment, test program development, adapter design and manufacture, test and maintenance of avionics, performance upgrade and retrofit, technical document compilation, project coordination and management, and so on. Our main customers dominate the fields of national defense, railway industry, telecommunication and high-frequency impedance measurement for PCB. Our abilities comprise :

--> Design and Manufacture of Automatic Test Equipment and System Software.

--> Test Program Development.

--> Adapter Design and Manufacture.

--> System Integration.

--> Performance Upgrade and Retrofit.

--> Maintenance and Repair of Test Equipment.

--> Project Management.

--> Technical Document, Training and Technical Support Services.

--> Manufacture of Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic RF Impedance Tester, ESD Protection Module.

Wellring Technology was approved by evaluation and authentication from Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of Economic Affairs in June 5, 2002, and became a qualified factory of national defense industry. Finance, quality management, equipment capacity and professional technology are all in compliance with the standards of evaluation and authentication.

We have already developed TPS (Test Program Sets) of complicated radios, control boards of ships, control boards of electrical locomotives, circuit boards of inertia navigation systems for over 6 years. The characteristics of those boards under test cover analog, digital, power and RF.

In the meanwhile, six automatic test workbenches have already been developed.

Our team takes the lead in the experience and achievement of ATE and TPS. We have successfully developed many TPS, ATE, VXI system integration and module design. We have also provided consultative services to assist customers in selecting ATE and providing TRA (Test Requirement Analysis).