AMATS (Advanced Modularized Automatic Test System)
Automatic Test Workbench

Open Architecture : The test system uses the standard instruments with VXI or GPIB interface. It won’t affect the kernel function if any instrument is added or removed due to requirement changes from customers.

Convenient Maintenance : The instruments inside the system are equipped with VXI/GPIB interface and Plug&Play functionality. There is a set of self test software for diagnosing the system. It is handy to find the failed instrument and replace it easily.

Nice Accommodation to Environment : There is excellent equipment for heat emission installed in the rack and the VXI mainframe. The EMI/EMC requirement is complied.

Good System Expansibility : The quantity of VXI instruments could be expanded to 39. The test points could be expanded to more than 1000points.
Main Controller Industrial computer with prevailing CPU Pentium xxx
Instruments for Measuring and Sourcing The instruments for measuring comprise DMM, Scope, Counter, Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Audio Analyzer, Modulation Analyzer and Power Meter.

The instruments for sourcing comprise Power Supply, Arbitrary Function Generator and Synthesizer.

The digital instruments comprise Static Digital I/O (96CH), Dynamic Digital I/O (128CH).

The other instruments comprise Relay Multiplexer, Relay Matrix, Form C Switch, Programmable Electronic Load.
Interface for Instrument Control The system adopts IEEE 1394 PC Link as the interface for instrument control. The advantages are high speed and good stability.
Interface for Testing The system employs the ARINC 608A as the standard of interface for testing. It is suitable to measure a variety of power supplies, digital signals and RF signals.
Manufacture of Interface Test Adapters (ITA) Manufacture of a variety of analog, digital and RF adapters (including cable wiring).
Manufacture of RF Cables for Testing Manufacture of cables with BNC, N Type, SMA and SMB connectors.
Frequency Range : 3GHz, VSWR : Less than 1.1
Cable : RG316 ,RG178

Specifications are subject to change without notice